Thursday, March 17, 2005


Can Democratic Shaw Group CEO Keep Getting Federal Contracts From Bush Administration?

My friends, THIS is why Democrats lose! The Louisiana Democratic Party has just elected a new chairman of the State Central Committee. James Bernhard is CEO of The Shaw Group, a fortune 500 company. The Baton Rouge Advocate article contains the following unbelievable passage. "'We need not to have a Republican or Democratic agenda. We need to look forward to having a Louisiana agenda for all people,' Bernhard said." Now, can anyone imagine the head of a state Republican party saying such a thing? This is the language of surrender. This is the language of a loser. Haven't we lost enough? Louisiana Democrats lost a U.S. Senate seat in the last election, for goodness' sake! We "need not" have a Democratic agenda? Really? Then we really need not have a Democratic Party, need we? Way to rally the troops there, Big Jim! The new state chairman of our party is nothing but an appeaser, and the state turns a deeper shade of crimson. I am so sick of these centrist "Democrats" that I could vomit. (
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